Who We Are

Ravana Aviation Academy is a distinguished aviation institute geared towards providing well-structured pilot education with the aim of creating professional pilots with global career prospects. Since the beginning the institute has stood apart itself from other aviation institutions in terms of level of commitment, student centered teaching, competence in teaching techniques and ultimate preparations for test and examinations.

All course modules are carefully designed to deliver the theoretical knowledge systematically in a simple and attractive manner with practical problem solving sessions that every student participates. The institute & the instructor believe in giving personal attention to each and every student and stood beside them as their professional guide throughout the entire journey to become a professional pilot. Thereby every individual student is assessed till he or she reach a higher standard prior to sit for the final examination of CAA.


To be known nationally and internationally as an organization that provides excellent pilot education that transform students to the professional pilots.


To provide students with the best possible structured learning experience by using only the most qualified and experienced staff, and the latest technologies.

Our Values

Conduct with honesty, transparency and integrity in terms of academic & administrative activities.
Committed to providing best possible education to transform the students to competent & confident pilots.
We strive for excellence in delivering both knowledge & skills required for professional pilots in the world.

The Pathway to Professional Pilot Career

For those of you just starting out on the path to pilot training we hope the following will give you a clear understanding of the steps you need to follow to achieve your ambition.
Step 1:

Complete Flight School Training

Get a thorough understanding of the knowledge & develop the skills required for a professional pilot under qualified instructors.

Step 2:

Earn a Private Pilot's License

The first step of the pilot career which will allow you to fly an aircraft and carry passengers and baggage.

Step 3:

Earn a Commercial Pilot's License

Get through a variety of test & exams - where you must demonstrate the practical knowledge of flying an aircraft to be qualified as a professional pilot.

Step 4:

Seek Employment

Get a competitive career as professional pilot not only in Sri Lanka but also in the international job market.

Step 5:

Advance in the Field

Follow the standard airline pilots ranking system as a first officer and a captain by gaining experience & refining your knowledge & skills.

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Learn to fly with the well structured professional aviation education provider in Sri Lanka. Get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aviation knowledge with a proper understanding of all stipulated subjects – that will lay a well-built foundation for your career as a world class pilot.

Address: No. 405, Wanawasala, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94 712 501 063

E-mail: info@ravanaaviationacademy.com

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