The Ravana Aviation Kite Association (RAKA) was established in the year 2014 by Capt. Harsha Koralearachchi Bsc (Def) the founder of Ravana Aviation Academy. As per his concept RAKA Sri Lanka was established under the theme; “KITE TO AVIATION”.

RAKA holds a mega event annually by the name of “RAVANA AVIATION KITE AIRSHOW”. This event will create an outstanding platform for students with goals of elevating in the aviation industry. The students are given the freedom to design and create their own kites and so their creative thinking will be improved and new impressive kite designs will be introduced. Furthermore the students could be guided to communicate with the sky creatively with ease through these types of events which would facilitate their future in the aviation industry.


Kite to aviation


Teach individuals the art of kite flying.

Highlight the importance of family culture.

Promote outdoor activities.

Promote understanding and friendship between people.

Create environmental awareness.

Promote world peace.

Main benefits of the membership at RAKA

National membership directory listing members, clubs, and stores.

Access to archival materials and publications.

Monthly news and information emailed directly to you from the national RAKA president.

Free publications including rule books, event and club organizing manuals, and instructional materials.

Safety codes, competition rules and event specifications for sport kites, kite making competition, fighter kites, and kite buggies.

World record tracking of achievements within the sport.

Competitor ranking and recognition at district, national, and international level.

Online Kite Talk Forum where members post announcements and information, or ask for assistance.

Access to member-only web pages with bylaws, meeting minutes, and financial and historical information.

Cooperation and coordination with kite associations and events around the world.

National Kite Month program to celebrate and promote kite flying.

Online list of hundreds of recommended flying locations with details and directions.

An RAKA district Director Familiar with kiting in your area, clubs, contacts and local concerns.

Regional and international reports and news emailed directly to you from your district representative.

Educational material for teachers including Kites in the Classroom programs, reference materials, and teaching tools.

Regional and national award programs for contributions to kiting.

District referrals to encourage information sharing, personal contact and assistance.

Opportunities to serve in leadership roles locally and nationally or on policy committees.

Annual national convention with workshops, competitions, awards and flying.

Many other benefits & opportunities exclusive for the members of RAKA.

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