Academic courses for aircraft & helicopter crew licensing

Professional Courses

The fully comprehensive courses that are carefully designed to lay a solid foundation of all the fundamental theories of aviation required to obtain license and most importantly to transform the students to professional pilots with both national & international demand.

Become a Professional pilot with national and international qualifications

Professional Courses

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is the first step to learning to fly. This is available to students completing their Diploma in Aviation or students wishing to fly for fun.

Ravana Aviation Academy’s PPL training programmers are of the very highest standard available in the country. We are dedicated to providing first class training and tuition, personally tailored to meet the specific individual needs of students. Our well structured training programmes are designed to provide systematic coverage of all the theoretical knowledge required to obtain Private Pilots Licence.

Take the challenge and an exciting step in your aviation career with Commercial Pilot License CPL (A) & CPL (H). The Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) will enable you to pursue a career in commercial aviation in Sri Lanka or overseas. We are specialized in well-structured commercial pilot training that draws from our extensive aviation services and history.

We offer well-structured course program – systematically covering all the essentials of the theory and direct our students to reliable flight training school. We stand by your side through your journey offering professional insights & advice where necessary.

The ATPL is designed specifically and conducted for those who seek to pursue as airline transport pilot. The course is geared towards the obtaining the ATPL licence by successfully completing the examinations which are conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL).

An EASA pilot licence is accepted worldwide. Pilots who wish to be recruited and fly with a European airline must be holders of the EASA license. Additionally, pilots wishing to be recruited by any other international airline are most preferred.

Licences held in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 (e.g. FAA, CASA, Indian DGCA, Transport Canada etc.) can be converted to EASA licence. The first step to convert a non-European licence is the successful pass of the 14 subjects of the ATPL theory. The flight training phase of the conversion depends on the applicant’s previous experience. Then a skill test with a certified EASA examiner must be passed. For the endorsement of a Type Rating on the EASA  licence the applicant should have at least 500 hours on type.

We will take only 60 lecturing days to make you confident and get through the EASA 14 exam papers and we are conducting the EASA exam at the same location.

  • Middle East – Oman – Muscat Aviation Training Center
  • Nepal – NAAT
  • Vietnam – Vietnam Airline
  • India –Delhi Aviation Training Center
  • Sri Lanka –Ravana Aviation Academy

We offer a course to obtain the hot-air balloon license in Sri Lanka, which includes theoretical knowledge and flight instruction from affiliation with outside parties. You would obtain a private license up to 120 000 cu ft balloon size.

We ensure that the balloon training will be simple and straight forward with thorough theoretical knowledge course to prepare our students for the examination. We also aim to make the experience very educational & enjoyable for our students – something you will remember for the rest of your life.

This course focuses the core areas of ATPL syllabi and the general knowledge of the industry to make sure the candidate confident before their respective interview. The exam preparation courses contain questions that are similar to those in the ATPL Exams (EASA and Sir Lankan Airline). The course also contain a mock exam with the same profile as the actual ATPL exam to prepare the candidates to confidently face and get through the entrance examination.

The Road to become a Professional Pilot

Kids Courses

This course is designed and introduced to leading kindergartens or preschools to launch this course after proper training given to your own staff at RAA.

The playful & fun activity oriented aviation education for kindergarten & preschool kids. The course will introduce the fundamentals of aviation and aerospace technologies via interesting and playful activities carefully designed by the founder of the RAA.

The activities include

  • Drawing & Coloring of aircrafts introducing the parts of an airplane
  • Construction of various paper airplanes (origami airplanes)
  • Gas balloon making & launching
  • Making clay model air crafts
  • Many more interesting child centered actives

These activities will help kids to understand and learn the very basic concept & theories related to aviation in a playful yet systematic way.

At the End of the syllabi all the student will have the Certificate issued by RAA.

Lack of proper academics is a leading factor to accidents and there is an academic barrier in the educational strategies in the country. Aviation needs to be penetrated in a disciplinary manner with the right knowledge. Therefore, RAA has been prepared and introduced aviation ladder courses for students from the age of ten where the structure would be applied at schools and systematically

This course is designed by RAA and will help students to develop their aviation academic knowledge to acquire the standers expecting to become Military or Civil pilot entry requirements.

There will be three course conducting in a year during the school vacations. At the end of the course every students will be faced the knowledge test examination conducted by RAA, those who are successfully completed students will awarded attractive certificate with their grading achieved at the exanimation.

This course is based on creativeness and innovativeness of the students to improve their imagination with proper guidance and assistance given by aeronautical engineering professionals’ from civil aviation and military aviation in Sri Lanka. Course is designed and module by RAA. There will be one course for a year.  Every applicant will be faced to examination at RAA and filter the students those who have ability to follow this course.

Criteria to enroll to this course-

Applicant will be register at RAA by online

Placement examination will be notified one month before the exam date.

Radio Control Model Aircraft Certificate Course (Academic & Flying Training)

This course is based on radio wave technology based aero plane course in the aviation industry. Course is designed by RAA and conducting by Israel trained Ex- Air force Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) qualified expert pilot.

CAASL certification will be issued to those who successfully completing the course.


Radio Control Model Helicopter Certificate Course (Academic & Flying Training)

This course is based on radio wave technology based helicopter course in the aviation industry. Course is designed by RAA and conducting by Israel trained Ex- Air force Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) qualified expert pilot.

CAASL certification will be issued to those who successfully completing the course

Wooden Rocking Airplane

Nurture the aviation dream of the child with wooden rocking airplane toy. The wooden rocking toy airplane is a fantastic way to introduce the joy of flying and directing the child towards the path of an aviator in the future. Besides, the wooden airplane is a fabulous toy for the children to play with.

RAA introduce the wooden rocking airplane toy to Sri Lankan toddlers with the aim of expanding the number of children with the ambition to become professional aviators. We believe the toy plane & the other ornaments provided will shape the self-image of the child as an aviator and prepare them psychologically to pursue that dream with passion & determination.

Learn to fly with the well structured professional aviation education provider in Sri Lanka. Get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aviation knowledge with a proper understanding of all stipulated subjects – that will lay a well-built foundation for your career as a world class pilot.

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