Founder, Head of Training Message

Ravana Aviation Academy is a well-structured, student-centered school transforming the lives of our students to become professional aviators with world class education together with superior skill level.

I recognized that the lack of standard academics education is a leading factor to accidents and there is an academic barrier in the educational strategies in the country. And I believe aviation needs to be approached in a disciplinary manner with the right knowledge. Further, during my years as an aviator, I have noticed two types of pilots – the pilot who is skilled and then the pilot who is a professional. There is a big difference between the two; a skilled pilot will fly with his instincts and to become a professional, a grasp of the knowledge in flying is obviously, essential.

Therefore, I had prepared aviation ladder courses for students from the age of ten where the structure would be applied at schools and systematically, help newcomers to be prepared for profession career.

Capt. Harsha Govinda Koralearchchi Bsc.Ds
Founder, Chairman & Head of Training
EASA ATPL Approved Instructor
Airline Transport Pilot Ground Instructor License (Aero) CAA SL No- 034
Airline Transport Pilot Ground Instructor License (Helicopter) CAA SL No-042
Commercial Pilot License IR (Frozen ATPL-Aero) CAA SL No-717
Ravana Aviation Academy

Learn to fly with the well structured professional aviation education provider in Sri Lanka. Get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aviation knowledge with a proper understanding of all stipulated subjects – that will lay a well-built foundation for your career as a world class pilot.

Address: No. 405, Wanawasala, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Phone: +94 712 501 063


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