Social Stabilization Project of RAA.

Capt. Harsha has expended his social responsibility by establishing the first ever northern province aviation school club at Central College in Jaffna. Furthermore he launched the program targeting rural area schools to have aviation education by 12 lecture series month wise. At the end of this program, these students will be given the aviation credential […]


Wooden Rocking Airplane

First time in Sri Lank RAA introduce the wooden rocking airplane toy to Sri Lankan toddlers with the aim of expanding the number of children with the ambition to become professional aviators. We believe the toy plane & the other ornaments provided will shape the self-image of the child as an aviator and prepare them […]


2017 – Ravana Aviation Vesak Illuminating Kite Show on full moon Pay day

In year 2011 he has done a research on  ” How to ensure the food Security in Sri Lanka” and handed over to relevant authorities. There he has brought national strategic plan to cultivate essential fresh foods, strategic plan of food transportation to reduce the prices of essential and demandable foods and strategic plan of […]


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