Registration process of EASA conversion distance learning program

Eligible categories – Aero Plane

a) On the job International Airline Captains holding a License of National ATPL

b) On the job International Airline First Officers holding a license of National ATPL

c) On the job domestic Airline Captains holding a license of National ATPL

d) On the job domestic Airline First Officers holding a license of National ATPL

e) Fresh Pilots of National CPL IR or CPL license holders

f) CPL IR under training National PPL IR or PPL license holders

To convert above mentioned licenses categories to EASA ATPL License, candidate has to follow below procedure only –


Step -01 (ATPL distance learning registration in Europe)

  1. Register as an ATPL distance learning candidate in any EASA Approved Training Organization. Recommend – European Pilot Academy in Malta.

Step -02 – (Registration at Ravana Aviation Academy for ATPL lectures and exam preparation)

  1. Proof of your registration as an ATPL distance learning candidate at ATO in Europe
  2. Online registration – register as a candidate of EASA ATPL by online registration at our web sites
  3. Manual registration – request register form download from our official web sites or request by email

Step -03(Course Fee Installments Structure)

  1. Registration Fee – 1000 USD
  2. Rest of course Fee – 2500 USD pay on or before commencing the course

Step -04 – (Payment methods)

  1. Bank Payment – Official account – Deposit Slip take as proof and mail to us



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